Festival in Bhutan

“Tshechu”, meaning festival occurs in every district of Bhutan and among the 20 districts that we have, each of the festival takes place once a year to honor Guru Rinpoche who bought tantric form of Buddhism in Bhutan in the 8th century.
People from different part of the world and locals gather to witness and get blessing
It is also the time for the locals to showcase their colourful dresses that time and commonly men wear “Gho” and women wear “kira”.
Families members staying at different places also take a break from their usual work and get together until the festival ends
There are 20 districts in Bhutan and each festival taking place in respective districts has its own significance


Royal Highlander Festival | Bhutan Festival Tour | Amedewa Tours & Trek

The Royal Highlander Festival takes place in Laya, a remote village in Bhutan with no motorable road and the only way to reach there is by trekking for 2 days.

This festival is initiated to mark the birth celebration of HRH Gyalsey and also highlander from different part of Bhutan gather to share different ideas on farming with other entertaining events for the day.

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