The Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory is situated on a hilltop with a panoramic view of Thimphu’s landscape. The word “jungshi” literally means “natural,” and this is reflected throughout the entire paper-making process.

The authentic Bhutanese paper known as Desho is created at the Jungshi handmade paper factory using traditional processes. This age-old Bhutanese custom is being preserved and promoted by the Jungshi paper plant. It also makes a variety of other items, including stationery and greeting cards. The paper business exemplifies the government’s commitment to bolstering the local economy by conserving traditional arts such as papermaking. On a daily basis, Jungshi makes roughly 1,500 sheets of paper.

The paper is manufactured with Himalayan materials such as the bark of the Daphne Papyri (found at altitudes of 3,000 feet and above), the bark of the Edgeworthia Papyri (found at altitudes of 3,000 feet and above), and different additional components such as flowers and leaves to provide textures and patterns.

Steps included in the paper making process:

The bark of the shrubs is soaked in water to break down its structure, then strained and sent into the factory. The stringy material is put into a grinder, which spits the pulp into a large vat, similar to a massive bowl of oatmeal.

The magic happens in the next phase. The screen is lifted out, aligned with the rising stack of wet paper, released on top of it, and peeled off from the opposite edge, leaving the fresh sheet of paper behind.

Stacks of paper may be found all over the plant, some wet, some dry, and some stacked and pressed for flatness. Dry paper is hung sheet by sheet from an easel, brushed off, and inspected for quality.

After being stamped with the Jungshi brand, the completed paper is either delivered from the factory or placed in the site’s paper shop. According to the United Nations, the majority of demand for Bhutanese handmade paper originates from Sweden and the United Kingdom. Greeting cards, gift wrap, stationery, books, and certificates are all made of paper.

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