Bhutan Luxury Tour Packages


Welcome to Bhutan and your first day in the magical Land of the Thunder Dragon! Upon arrival at Paro International Airport, just outside the arrival hall, you will be greeted by one of our guides. At


We start our tour at Motithang Takin Preserve, home to Bhutan’s national animal, the takin. This unusual animal is often described as looking like a moose that was stung by a bee. Formerly a small


Paro Tshechu is one of the most famous festivals in Bhutan. Many peopletravel from around the world and neighboring districts to participate in the festival. On the last day of the celebration, a

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Our luxury Bhutan travel packages are designed to immerse travelers in exclusive Bhutanese experiences. From luxury trekking experiences in Bhutan to staying in some of the most opulent luxury resorts in Bhutan, each aspect of the journey is meticulously planned. The luxury tour packages include private Bhutan tours, where travelers can enjoy personalized experiences away from the usual tourist trails.

For those seeking relaxation, the luxury spa retreats in Bhutan, included in their holiday packages, provide a perfect escape. Additionally, Amedewa Tours and Trek ensures a seamless experience with luxury transportation in Bhutan, making every journey comfortable and stylish. We also offer unique experiences like attending luxury cultural festivals in Bhutan, where guests can witness the vibrant local traditions in an exclusive setting.

Amedewa Tours and Trek stands as a premier choice among Bhutan luxury travel agencies, offering a range of luxury travel packages to Bhutan that promise an unforgettable journey filled with luxury, comfort, and authentic cultural immersion.