Bhutan is known for its rich and unique arts and crafts. History has it that the art and crafts of Bhutan were being influenced by Buddhism and hence have religious significance along with strong cultural representations. These arts are being broadly classified into thirteen different types and hence the name Zorig Chusum means “thirteen arts”. The thirteen arts are Painting (Lhazo), Sculpturing (Jinzo), Wood Carving (Shagzo), Calligraphy (Yigzo), Papermaking (Dezo), Bronze Casting (Lugzo), Embroidery (Tshemazo), Weaving (Thagzo), Carpentry (Parzo), Masonry (Dozo), Bamboo and cane weaving (Tshazo), Gold/Silver Smithy (Trozo), Black smithy (Garzo).

Only two institutes in Bhutan, one located in the capital city Thimphu and another in Trashiyangtse in eastern Bhutan teaches the skills in these thirteen crafts. These skills are being mastered over a period of 4-6 years by the students. Their products can be seen in many handicraft shops in Bhutan.

Tourists can witness these arts being executed live at the institute by the students and also learn a bit about it.

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