Jambay Lhakhang Drup - Amedewa Tours and Trek

Festival Date: Oct 31-Nov 03, 2020
Venue: Bumthang, Bhutan

Jambay Lhakhang in Bumthang is one of the oldest temples in Bhutan. Legends have it that in the 7th century the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo built 108 temples in one day to subdue the demons and Jambay Lhakhang is one of them. During this 5-day festival, one of the unique mask dances people gather to witness is the Mewang (fire ritual) and Terchham (naked dance) which is performed very early in the morning before the break of the dawn.

Other dances performed are; Shacham (dance of four stags), Ging Tsholing Cham (dance said to be performed by the incarnations of Guru), Dramitse Ngacham) dances o drums of Dramitse); Pacham (dance of the heroes) and Phole Mole (nobleman and lady), etc.

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