Jakar Tsechu - Amedewa Tours and Trek

Festival Date: 04-07 Nov, 2023 
Venue: Jakar, Bumthang, Bhutan

Jakar Tshechu

Jakar Tshechu is being held annually at the Jakar Dzong which overlooks the Chamkher Valley to give you a picturesque view of Chamkher Valley. This beautiful gigantic dzong, apart from its rich Bhutanese architecture, also has a water tower just a few steps stairs behind the Dzong leading to a water reservoir used for drawing water during battle times in olden days.

The mask dances performed by the monks, the significance of each mask dances, the folk songs performed by locals, the display of local arts and handicrafts, the sight of locals in their finniest attires and the happiest moments is what attracts tourists to this festival.

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